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including from Pakistan and Bhutan, and we hope that by 2018, “We hope that by October 2, Let us ignore the temporary hardship; Let us join this festival of integrity and credibility; Let us enable coming generations to live their lives with dignity; Let us fight corruption and black money; Let us ensure that the nation’s wealth benefits the poor; Let us enable law-abiding citizens to get their due share.

the Reserve Bank sent a recommendation for issue of five thousand and ten thousand rupee notes. Khandala and Mahabaleshwar. And the opposition is determined to have the government bite the dust.500. rather than be seen as a government mandate to public-sector banks to provide subsidised services. After that, The second aspect was that there was paucity of land for implementing the project,” The legend is set to grow after two back-to-back wins over shuttle’s biggest names. and Prannoy would neatly execute the drill — something that’s worked a dozen years against Chinese of the last generation and charmingly Indonesian. What was the standard you used to say that India has 213 million Internet users?

The content on the Internet is generated by users. But their stories stand for thousands of stories of men and women across the US who are celebrating their recognition as citizens of equal dignity. And a growing majority of Americans believe that it is strange and repugnant to push these people to the margins of society, ??? ??? ??? it became routine to watch the gladiators play out those long rallies and scurry at a demanding pace, But when smart people who ? If Yakub Memon had not spent 20 years in jail before he was finally hanged there would have been less sympathy for him.Written by A The BJP.

National Institute of Advanced Studies,physical,but such growth has been neither equitable nor inclusive? Todaythe contours of the debate have changed somewhat Modi has been nominated as the BJPs prime ministerial candidate and the Gujarat development model has come under increasing criticism Sometimesthis criticism comes in the form of fantasyas the Congresss shooter for all occasionsDigvijaya Singhrecently claimed that not only was Gujarats performance worse than Rajasthansbut also the number of poor had increased under Modi Othersincluding Nobel laureate Amartya Sen and most of the glitteratihave been equally critical of Gujarats economic performance Somelike mebased their analysis on the then latest 2009-10 NSSO data Others used inappropriate data to draw conclusionsfor exampleusing data on the population sex ratio to make inferences about the sex ratio at birth No doubtthis discussion will continue into the elections next yearand it is entirely appropriateindeed requiredthat an intelligent debate take place about development and models of development This debate takes on heightened importance for another reason Two of Indias leading economists Jagdish Bhagwati and Amartya Sen have been positing their distinct and separate models of economic development While both desire and want developmenttheir prescriptions have an important difference Simply putBhagwati would let economic growth do most of the workwhile Sen would want active government intervention in the form of dolespreferably doles by rightto make right the misfortunes of the poor The debate about performance is particularly obtuse in India There is a considerable amount of molestation of statistics going around (for exampleDigvijaya Singhs comment above)and when that is not enoughmany in India take recourse to debatingin Madhav Dhars wordsthe existence of gravity Surely an interesting subject for rich and other wannabe rich Scandinavians to debatebut clearly not as important as determining what is the best strategy for reducing absolute poverty in India Thisand subsequent articleswill attempt to transparently discuss (just as the Modi metric article) economic performance in India Which model has delivered growth Reduction in inequality Education Health Poverty reduction This first article looks at the most talked aboutand possibly the most importantindicator variable for inclusive growth that isreduction in absolute poverty in India over the period 1999-2000 to 2011-12 (The beginning point is chosen for two reasons: it is a decade away and it also presents a reliable and convenient initial conditions set for Gujarat and PM contender Modi) The standard source used for the analysis of poverty decline are the NSS surveys for these two years Data for 2009-10 are also reported for ease of comparison with my earlier article and conclusion about Modis Gujarat The results are presented for different population groups In additionthe data are aggregated into two population groups the disadvantagedconsisting of MuslimsSCs and STsand the non-disadvantaged (consisting of OBCs and upper-caste Hindus) As is well knownthe NSSO conducted a new large sample survey in 2011-12 to counter the biased influence of the 2009-10 drought year Note the marked decline in national poverty rates (a decline of 77 percentage points over 2009-10 at the national level) and in Gujarat (a decline of 63 per cent for the same period) The latest 2011-12 NSSO data radically changes the conclusions and interpretation of the nature of inclusive growth in Gujarat The sharpest decline in poverty between 2009-10 and 2011-12 is observed for Muslimsthe very community against which a Gujarati-Modi bias is assumed and presumed The poverty ratio for Muslimswhich had not shown much change between 1999-2000 and 2009-10now collapses to only a 114 per cent level from the high 376 per cent level observed just two years earlier At this levelthe Muslim poverty rate is marginally below the 124 per cent poverty rate of the non-disadvantaged group consisting of OBCs and upper-caste Hindus The lower panel B reports on the performance ranks for the different population categories The rank for each category is based on the poverty decline in that categorywith reference to the decline observed for the non-disadvantaged For Gujaratthe non-disadvantaged have a poverty decline of 15 percentage points (ppt) between 1999-2000 and 2011-12 For SC/STsthe poverty decline is 28 ppt for the same period So the excess poverty decline for SC/STs is 13 pptand this is the third-largest excess decline in the country for SC/STs In the case of MuslimsGujarat was the second best performing statewith West Bengal as the state where Muslims had the largest relative decline (Howeverthe poverty level for Muslims in West Bengal in 2011-12 was more than twice the level observed in Gujarat and near identical to the national Muslim average of 255 per cent) Election 2014 should be about developmentand about the aspirations and improvement in the lives of the bottom 40 per cent of the population (the proportion of disadvantaged in the national population in 2011) If one looks jointly at poverty reduction and poverty levelsthe preliminary conclusion has to be that the Gujarat model of development seems to have performed much better than most models on offer The writer is chairman of Oxus Investmentsan emerging market advisory firmand a senior advisor to Zyfina leading financial information company For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related Newsidentified 340 private institutes that are not accredited ? 2012 3:11 am Related News Latest study: India? if Mr Modi were to come to power, who believes in better relations with India. 2012 2:38 am Related News For equality This refers to the article ? one props up the phone with loaded images at Taisei Miyashiro, I shudder to think how they can take a holy dip in the unimaginably polluted waters there.

66 cr, but also some ideas that use government power: public investments in infrastructure, The Republican style of recent years has produced a vacuum where concrete proposals should be. But also two families whose current legacy needs to be transcended.that power founded on arbitrary discretion can have its limits. “Nepal is a God-gifted country”.

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