Suning made 818 fever Festival play which recruit

"it’s just time to make money on 818/. I’m happy to spend the whole day……" When the "fever bar" full of rhythm melody sounded again, the annual 818 fever Festival again.

is like old friends, this year 818, in the home court will bring what kind of surprise to everyone? July 26th 818 landing ceremony on the planet have a fever, a variety of tricks are people too busy to attend to all emerge in its totality.

FBI to buy live, let consumers buy rest assured purchase fashion

26 day of the event, the chief marketing officer of the 818 fever Festival, Su Ningyun COO like shaking the burden of the same, opened a lot of the play of the festival of the 818 fever festival. Burning, now, the theme of the campaign, almost every link comes with a fever element.

fever star landing ceremony at the beginning, Hou Enlong lamented, Suning has been running for 26 years, fever". From the initial single air conditioning wholesale, to the category of home appliance retail chain, and then to the extensive distribution of the current circulation and consumption areas, to achieve the three business model disruptive change.

however, Hou Enlong Schmidt, said this way, Suning is not lonely, because in the Suning with the guidance of the spirit of the channel change have a fever at the same time, partners to promote the progress of the industry with the spirit of consumers have a fever have a fever, the spirit of the pursuit of consumption upgrade. Suning, partners and consumers of the Trinity, mutual financing, contributed to the birth of 818 fever festival. So, fever Festival is more like a fusion of feelings, the pursuit and Carnival Elements of the big party.

so, as the leader of this big party, Suning for everyone to prepare what wonderful program?

reporter learned that, in the build service level have a fever, Su Ning, breaking the existing service model, the industry for the first time to start the FBI (Fashional Buyer Investigation) global buyers group plans to invite Star Cafe, red meat, sea Amoy network experts, technical Montana factory direct seeding shopping guide, so that consumers are no longer in the face of the shopping interface. Through the FBI, consumers can listen to the stars chat fashion, chasing the trend; feel the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Hongkong and other countries and regions of genuine origin; close to the origin of the original ecological agricultural products, rest assured to buy.

currently, Suning has launched FBI fashion buyer recruitment activities. "Buyers are in place, will use the most popular live form, with the user commodity, the selection of goods, the offline shopping experience and online shopping convenient and real integration." Hou Enlong said.


three themes fever lying, so that online and offline consumers experience Carnival

O2O is Suning super fancier, only FBI is clearly not enough. 818 fever Festival, Suning will launch the "Four city"

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