Food and beverage business in the eyes of O2O offline and online passenger are indispensable

[Abstract] here we recorded the next line of business experience some real feeling in the net after.


of the food and beverage industry, cannot do without a few years ago thousands of war of merchants universal education in a predetermined order, and a variety of cut away the way down the line, merchants are understanding of the online tool and perhaps better to think too far-reaching Internet practitioners, their attention is the core of the money where can you help me earn more money


technology Tencent recently interviewed include riverside city COO Li Changjiang, chairman Wang Yong, spicy yet addictive food businesses, by the look of their case to the next line of business real feeling some net experience in.

buy discounts generally reduce

as the most popular online marketing tools, the attitude of businessmen to buy has slowly changed. First, buy no longer as a normalization of marketing tools, two is generally reduced the magnitude of discount.

Li Changjiang river outside of the Tencent said, "now we are 14% off normal group purchase, when the big events of the early seven fold, feeling more than a dozen will destroy our price. At present, it is half a year to buy, when advertising. Group purchase will match the corresponding activities, will engage in a gimmick, in fact, is widely advertised, such as a store opening or a gimmick freshmen this point".

buy discount rate reduction, spicy addiction is reflected in the more obvious, the first time to buy hot spicy group is very large, direct reduction of 40%. Wang Yong on the first group purchase feeling, "at that time did not understand why the discount to do so big", but after rising passenger traffic, "from 40%, less than half the time use was reduced to 30%, and for a period of time, reduced to 20%, and gradually get in the reduction".

group purchase use effect, separate old and new users is still not a good area, consumers to shop in asking if there is already a general group purchase group purchase behavior, so the new pull effect is also reduced.

from the perspective of the business, the more mature brand, group purchase the new role of pulling more limited, the river outside the city, but also from each store to store actual guests, the statistics of group purchase marketing effect, basically each of the 100 group purchase coupons, about thirty or forty tickets to the shop after the download is. Li Changjiang said, "it’s better than I thought. I thought it would be more."". Although from the point of view of the business, but also want to separate the old customers and new customers, but the current online marketing tools can not do a little basic.

line traffic is still very important

although many online marketing has become an indispensable means of promotion catering businesses, but the line flow is still a piece of business value, the line flows are mainly two, one is the position to bring natural flow, two is the line marketing, including television, outdoor media advertising to bring traffic.

to the river outside the city as an example, the river is currently in the country.

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