The outbreak of dangdang com double 12 B2C and C2C war

"double 11" remaining temperature surviving, "double 12" has "fever" struck.

recently, the major electricity supplier platform for double 12 warm-up activities have been opened, especially in the domestic well-known B2C electricity supplier Dangdang (9.43, 0.43, 4.78%) of the promotion strategy is the most sincere". Different from other electricity providers red collar, win cash,’s call "low price, quality, promotion period" slogan, to the consumer demand of the deepest, giving consumers the most direct benefits. Dangdang this initiative also indicates that the double 12 during B2C and C2C war officially started.

three punch can not be sharp when

although "double 12" influence from the "double 11", but as a business at the end of the last round of promotional opportunities, pay more attention to the business can not be underestimated. Suning Appliance to detonate war ", the Jingdong focus on automotive field, and will mainly focus on enlarged to the whole category, and plans to 1 days a week to enlarge promotion, to create" 7 days, every day, double 12 Carnival week, in order to offer consumers a promotional feast.

Relevant person in charge told reporters: " for consumers, whether the electricity supplier launched a dazzling variety of promotional activities is not important, important is whether they can get more affordable purchase price, more comprehensive and more high-quality goods shopping experience from. While fully insight into the real needs of consumers, this year the "double 12" promotion will play three punch: low cost, quality, promotion period."

it is understood that Dangdang hit the low price will be the real meaning of the discount, do not set up a red envelope, win points and other forms. At the same time, including books, clothing, clothing, sports, audio and video, including the full range of goods will be fully involved in the double 12 promotional activities. Promotional efforts to participate in the full range of the full display of the end of the year Dangdang consumer feedback determination.

prepare for full "when" benevolence do not let

want to fight a good fight, how to prepare for war is the key.

internal sources, has begun to get ready for battle, starting from the preparation, operation, page design, customer service, logistics and other aspects of the active planning and preparation, and require the supplier delivery amount not less than 11.

in addition to routine preparations for the content, in the case of emergency plans Dangdang do more fully. For example, in order to avoid the double 12 period because of extreme weather events, including snow, wind, cooling, haze and other effects of logistics distribution, set up a special team of emergency logistics, the real-time of nationwide weather condition assessment of logistics to do flexible maneuver arrangements increase capacity and delay of the delivery notification.

B2C and C2C are not at war "when"

if the double 11 is a big Tmall, then double is a battle between B2C and C2C >

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