2010 e commerce still need to open up new markets

SNS, digg, micro-blog…… In the Web2.0, the most popular term seems to represent a Denver direction, and impact of the financial crisis in the storm, Web2.0 emerged after the entrepreneurial boom ended abruptly in 2009, the user on the market, a new application of popular, a large number of pioneers have fallen, the capital market, investors flocked to the scene is no longer return. Compared with the new media, e-commerce market seems to be a piece of scenery.

China Internet Network Information Center released data show that as of June 2009, China’s online shopping users reached 87 million 880 thousand, an increase of 24 million 590 thousand people, an annual growth rate of 38.9%. According to its estimates, in 2009 the total amount of online shopping for the first time more than 250 billion yuan.

"the rapid development of the Internet has spawned a number of emerging industries, e-commerce is relying on the Internet and the emergence of new industries, but also developed into one of the most important applications of the internet." Zhuang Shuai said, compared with the traditional shopping model, online shopping in time, geography, and other aspects of commodity selection has a great advantage. Online shopping as long as users log on to the site, you can enjoy the fun of shopping anytime, anywhere. With the accelerated pace of life, online shopping by more and more people of all ages.

But with

, Taobao, pat, and other domestic Internet pioneers. After getting stronger, many small e-commerce enterprises began to feel the pressure, how to seek development in the face of strong opponents, each people must pay attention to the problem of electronic commerce.

show car network marketing director Zhuang Shuai: to show car network as an example, the show car network dedicated to providing cost-effective for ordinary owners of automotive supplies, commercial space and network entity finite infinite space integration, developed a special advisory platform, specialized internal database, the special effect of online shopping the evaluation platform, the real development in the concept of Web2.0, the other competitors are not aware of where the establishment of a market barrier.

is even more important, the show car network membership shopping, logistics, service and risk return 0, and also directly contact suppliers, to break the criticism of lack of credibility, low efficiency, simple fake current electronic commerce industry, CPS exclusive sales platform as an example, not only can provide incentives for ordinary people, but also can provide a place for entrepreneurs.


B2C China e-commerce research center Fang Yingzhi said: in the electronic commerce industry of current level, 85.7% of Internet users within the first half of online goods information, but only 26% of Internet users to achieve online shopping. This means that our country has a huge potential online shopping user groups, as long as the necessary guidance, this part of the user will bring broad prospects for the development of the online shopping market.

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