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last night, talking to a friend of Huarun snow talk about the development of the beverage industry. He gave to a data: 1 tons of beer profits only 114 yuan, a meal about 1600 bottles, a bottle of average profit of only six or seven cents a year, although the snow to 10 million tons and is the industry leader, but also was more than a billion profit. Out of the habit of thinking, I have discussed with him the drink some may do business.

1 drinks can be sold in the electricity supplier channels


overall, the beverage industry is able to sell in the electricity supplier channels, but sales have to be limited. What do you mean? Because the beverage is an important channel of the industry, the existing distributors and agents and retailers to maintain profit occupies a large proportion, the industry basically rely on shipments of the overall maintenance for online retail beverages can do, but must control area at the same time also need to drink as a category, because the whole industry is very low rate of profit.

2 why other FMCG industry can do?

Relative to the

such as shoes industry, beverage industry overall technical threshold is not high, which will bring full competition, further influence is directly made to support high transportation costs, the electricity supplier can not make a difference in the channel. At the same time, the beverage industry brand can do it, but the brand premium is hard to do, the price in the same industry in the development of advance and retreat can be seen. Coupled with the industry pay more attention to the consumer scene, so the electricity supplier is not appropriate. But the shoes category is not the same, although in recent years the channels in the flat, but the consumption demand is not high the scene.

3 how to do the future of beverage brands

beverage industry basically depends on the size and channel accumulate food industries such as Wahaha to channels laying on the shelves quickly enough, because of its accumulation in. At the same time, dealers, agents and industry brands also have a good relationship with an inch, a new brand to be able to play into the need for adequate technology, capital, brand marketing and differentiated positioning. I have not said that must not be able to succeed, but in the capital and technology two will do a lot of people, but the brand effect is more important, it is a force in the industry, but once it is difficult to be successful defense may break, the typical Losers are always in the wrong.

4 electricity supplier category selection criteria which

One of the basic characteristics of

electricity supplier with difference information space and smooth the price difference, this also will obliterate the consumer scene, need to consume the scene category on the Internet is difficult to reconstruct the consumer scene, and there is no price difference of the industry is also very difficult to long-term survival. Of course, this is just from the point of view of the manufacturing sector, if the service sector from the point of view, in fact, there is more room.

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