Everything is possible to choose e commerce success

e-commerce in China is in the initial stage, this is an indisputable fact, however, take the data to speak, there may be a lot of people to believe that e-commerce in Chinese for ten years, the explosive growth rate is beyond imagination. Now the electronic commerce market average per quarter revenue can reach trillion, in the entire GDP contribution of important components. From the development point of view, B2B business occupies the absolute dominant position, B2C and C2C are also more eye-catching performance, e-commerce has become the transformation of economic development, an important way to expand domestic demand and boost consumption.

e-commerce as an important model of the Internet, representing the core and essence of the Internet business operations. E-commerce is a new business, traditional enterprises, especially SMEs can not become a system, the emergence of third party e-commerce platform has become inevitable. As a result, it is possible to provide an excellent e-commerce professional platform for many enterprises, especially the majority of small and medium enterprises to provide e-commerce solutions for the overall third party e-commerce company will also be born.

return to the application service network, e-commerce platform for small and medium-sized enterprises need to be able to provide quality service experience and effective product promotion, enterprise comprehensive promotion and brand building enterprises and individual business communication between channels. Small and medium-sized enterprises inherent disadvantage due to its relative lack of resources, poor cash flow, investment is also lack of manpower cost. Pay more attention to the effect of marketing, focusing on cost-effective.

, however, many small and medium enterprises in e-commerce application depth is not enough, the level is not high, their e-commerce applications are in the online release of information. At this time, the emergence of a hundred responses to a single call to small and medium-sized enterprises, e-commerce and see business opportunities, by virtue of the new model of e-commerce B2B+ search ", the overall layout of the national market, the two or three line of the city of small and medium-sized enterprises, started the" solid battle encircling the city ".

believes that enterprises use to implement a hundred responses to a single call, B2B e-commerce model, can save a special website process, at the same time, with the promotion effect of economy of scale and scope of the third party platform, the cost is much lower than the independent promotion effect, but also more professional and community, which is consistent with the basic premise of small and medium sized enterprises involved in e-commerce.

The enormous impact and influence of

as the network economy era of mainstream business model electronic commerce in China enterprise management, the small and medium-sized enterprises of our country to provide a higher and newer, more urgent requirements, the development of enterprises, it is necessary to innovate, to meet various challenges.

generally speaking, small and medium enterprises hope that through e-commerce platform can find peers, business people, business partners, through e-commerce platform to show themselves, expand contacts, exchange of experience. As the main marketing relationship between the modern enterprise and the enterprise, the B2B e-commerce will be the beneficial exploration for the enterprise, and also the inevitable choice for the enterprise. Of course, here

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