How to choose your domain name

with the rapid popularization of Internet and the rise of network marketing, e-commerce, website, domain name registration will become more and more popular, even all the future development of the enterprise must do, if there is not heard of enterprise website, it is to keep up with the development trend of the times. According to experts predict that in 2008 the Olympic Games, the number of domain name China can exceed the 6 million mark, to 2009 will reach 7 million 500 thousand, the visible domain name was once synonymous with high-tech in China has also begun to "ordinary people". With the rise of cybersquatting boom, people pay close attention to the domain name more and more, even some companies set up a special cybersquatting department, there is a good domain name for an enterprise is how important. Especially now, a good three characters a little domain almost are bad, is the daughter of hard to find good domain name. We must be the domain name to choose, but how can we choose a new, unique domain name?.

, a simple, easy to remember, the principle of


we all know the good domain not only can let visitors leave deep impression, to improve the company’s visibility, increase traffic has a very important role, such as the Sina website ( is very simple, as long as the image, visitors can see it again basically remember; and as the "Baidu" ( with the Chinese) in line with the thinking habit of Pinyin as a domain name, which is consistent with their purpose: the pursuit of the largest and most professional Chinese search. In order to achieve a simple, easy to remember, the following two methods:

1, domain name both numbers and letters or other combination will strive to be concise, vivid, can let visitors such as,, gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory. 163 only 3 digits, even if the students look can also remember, 3721 China evokes a All the world knows. saying "regardless of the consequence, so think of this sentence, do not forget the 3721. Remember there is a TOYOTA ad "car to Piedmont Road, the road must be a TOYOTA car" is using China "car to Piedmont Road, ship directly to the natural bridge" as the proverb saying, so the TOYOTA ads known to every family, but also everyone! As a domain name like to have a certain vitality, can let others have the association, it is easy to remember.

2, the domain name is best combined with their own business or business products, or their interpretation, even if the visitors forget your domain name, but as long as you think of the company’s name or product can also associate. Two, in accordance with the principles of general practice to choose the domain name type

with the domain name application more and more, its type is also constantly increasing,.Com,.Cn,.Info,.Gov, and com is generally used more CN, if your company is in the nature of international business that will use the COM and other international domain name, if it is for domestic use.

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