AQSQ will double eleven during the sampling electricity supplier products

In November 4, Beijing

quality inspection administration 4 news release, quality inspection bureau will organize the quality supervision of e-commerce products in the "double eleven" period, consumers "shopping cart" good quality.

According to

, with the double eleven approaching, e-commerce industry will once again usher in the sales season. From the statistical data in recent years, the annual double eleven period is also a high incidence of e-commerce product quality problems, complaints against the quality of online shopping products will increase significantly.

the sample will be more consumer complaints and the first half of 2014, e-commerce product quality supervision special checks pass rate lower consumer products, textiles and clothing, footwear, sampling plan, the bag back small appliances and toys and other products.

AQSIQ product quality supervision department official said, this sample will be taken directly from the e-commerce platform to buy samples, etc..

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