Le bee will open the line store experience for out cosmetics category

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Yin Na and lefeng.com Master together (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Le Tian) April 8th news, Lasafo Master Fashion Festival held in Beijing yesterday, 50 Master unified beauty, beauty and other related fields such as appearance, Lasafo this model will be summarized as "Master economy", that is to create lefeng.com free brand, the use of in Master fans group’s influence, the development of peripheral products, consumer driven fan.

it is understood that, as of now the total contract Lasafo are Master reached more than 500 people, lefeng.com said each signed Master in their respective fields each have jingzuan, each Master behind hundreds of thousands or even millions of fans behind the 500 Master tens of millions of potential users become Lasafo Master business opportunity. Beauty is different from other industries, its professional requirements for guidance, with the star of the people as the core of such an industrial chain of people’s own economic model to form a closed-loop industrial chain.

according to reports, Le bee network CEO Wang Licheng’s goal is to eventually sign 1000 grassroots people. "To make an inappropriate analogy, suppose that each person has an average of 50 thousand fans, and the top 1000 people can influence the number of fans, which is a very large group of 50 million people." Le bee network category expansion logic is from the perspective of entry. Le bee network believes that Le bee network is now also known as cosmetics vertical electricity supplier, but perhaps in the future, may be out of the cosmetics electricity supplier category.

for "Master economic model", the United States domestic queen Martha · early in foreign countries; Stewart built a legend, Master economy most classic case is Martha in foreign countries. Stewart and her Omnimedia company. Martha has successfully created a multimedia kingdom that has built a wide range of influence through television and print magazines. With these effects, Martha developed a home, cooking, gardening and other peripheral products, became the queen of the United states.

also has a "beauty guru" Niu Er leveraging of more than 20 yuan output value in Taiwan, they are through their own opinion leader image, start a business, independent brand. Li Jing in the mainland can be regarded as the first person to run the people’s economic model. According to Lasafo vice president Yin Na said, Lasafo under the Oriental fashion group, is not only an electricity supplier company, is a set of media with double trade industry chain, change the layout of social business, Master guidance of female beauty, public opinion for purchasing power become lefeng.com Master economic marketing model three steps.

Yin Na said that the so-called Master economy, is the star of Master as the core, and derived its own brand of female beauty professional guidance, the star Master behind the powerful fans, the media guide a business model into consumer purchase, as one economic model different from the previous business model.

one is to create a star through the television entertainment means to attract consumers with the attitude of the star to resonate with the spirit of the consumer, the formation of a large number of fans as

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