Tmall wind net sales of imported milk powder


Times News (reporter Li Bin), began ordering milk in the Hongkong area yesterday, Tmall announced joint Danone and Nestle, the two sides started its 6 brands overseas origin in the Tmall direct sales, so that domestic consumers can rest assured to buy imported milk powder, alleviate the "milk shortage".

Tmall President Zhang Yong said, Danone’s milk brand Karicare, Nutrilon, Cow& Gate, Dumex (Special Series), Nestle group’s super Nestle en, Wyeth (Special Series) and other brands will be in Tmall official flagship store provides origin direct supply service. The origin of these brands include New Zealand, Britain, Germany, Holland, Switzerland and other countries. Among them, the first brand new zealand sales Karicare, Holland sales of the first brand Nutrilon has opened the official flagship store in Tmall. Britain’s second brand Cow& Gate will also be stationed in the second half of Tmall.

, however, the newly revised Beijing food safety regulations will be implemented from April 1st. It is worth noting that, in the scope of sales license, online shopping can not be sold in the form of non store sales of pre packaged food, but does not include dairy this item. This means that in the future will be banned in Beijing shop sales of milk powder. In the face of this policy, Tmall responded that Tmall is registered in Hangzhou, does not return to the Beijing pipe, however, those who settled down in the line of Tmall’s flagship store milk in Beijing, if you want to accept supervision. Specific methods, such as April 1st after further study.

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