Shaanxi to the network ordering wear inhibition third party platform should verify the information

online meal ordering has already become an important way for public consumption. Mei Yilong photo


Beijing, Xi’an in November 21, (Mei Yilong) 21 reporters from Shaanxi province food and drug supervision and Management Bureau, responsible for the specific network ordering third party platform and network catering services of the province issued the "measures of food safety supervision and management in Shaanxi province network ordering (Trial)", for the network ordering wearing tight spell ", further to ensure food safety.

In recent years

takeaway ordering network provides a lot of convenience for people, at home, you can enjoy the delicacy of home service. But it appears that the regulation is not in place, black workshop, frequent health standard, no business license is not standard phenomenon. Due to the characteristics of the network of food and beverage service scattered and hidden, leading to greater difficulty of regulation. Meanwhile, the network of food trading involves information release, third party platform, online and offline settlement and other content, it is difficult to pursue responsibility. These affect the food safety of consumers on the table.


network ordering variety, is also very convenient, but sometimes get food, some gaps found and online publicity, the taste is not so good, even some dishes are not fresh." Xi’an resident Zhang Feihong said, ordering the network quality is uneven, as consumers sometimes helpless.

in order to strengthen the network ordering food safety supervision and management, the "measures" clearly above the county food and drug supervision and administration department responsible for the administrative area and within the jurisdiction of the network ordering the food safety supervision and administration work. At the same time, in the network ordering catering service operator and the third party platform should be engaged in online ordering activities in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations, food safety standards and the measures to ensure food safety.

"measures" requirements in network ordering catering service providers shall be in accordance with the "food safety law" and the relevant provisions of the food business license, obtain food business license (catering services), the actual business address, operating the project should get the license agreement approved. And in its website publicity business license, food business license and other food safety supervision quantitative classification management information.

in addition, the third party platform should establish a network catering service providers archives, standardize and strengthen the network catering management service subject qualification examination, to verify the validity of the food business license, permit approval of the name, address, business projects and other key projects, and the establishment of the inspection system. If it is found that the network catering service providers exist beyond the scope of business, publishing false information, no business license, operating forbidden food and other illegal activities, shall immediately stop or stop trading platform to provide network services, network operators and report the food service food and drug supervision departments at or above the county level.

Xi’an public Yan Bin said that the "measures" introduced, provide a guarantee for the interests of consumers, after the online meal ordering in addition to score, will also pay attention to the health business license information, ensure that their choice of taking.

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