Amazon’s new website is dedicated to helping you find the same star

help you save time, and then stop the introduction of online shopping, the most important thing is the addition of gossip qualities, which is the reason why Whowhatwear attract amazon.


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to do a good job in the clothing business Amazon (Amazon) and a new action. August 14th, fashion electricity supplier website WhoWhatWear announced the adoption of the B round of financing, access to Amazon and Bertelsmann Digital Media investment of $8 million. Greycroft, Lerer Hippeau Ventures and other five companies for the existing investors WhoWhatWear, they are also involved in the round of financing.

WhoWhatWear is a website, to attract many investors, such as Amazon favor?

actually can be seen from the name, WhoWhatWear is very concerned about the clothes people. From its inception in 2006, it is located a star fashion network, founder of Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr had ELLE magazine editor, they want to be a fashion vane attribute fashion business.


Katherine Power (left) and Kerr (right)


and other collocation based business, WhoWhatWear has the attribute of gossip. "We used to look at the growing number of gossip blogs on the Internet before we realized that we could customize the content in electronic magazines." Power said in an interview with TechCrunch website.

Power and Herr think that in the past a lot of people on the Internet to discuss the star gossip, but no one to discuss what they wear. "Fashion magazines tell you what people wear, but you can’t buy things in magazines." Power says to Business Insider.

therefore, WhoWhatWear started to do content, mainly around the star to set the theme of daily wear. Each content will give a link to the shopping.

at first, the social networking site that startups use is MySpace, not Facebook and Twitter, nor Pinterest. Rely on word-of-mouth viral marketing make WhoWhatWear with the characteristics of orientation, in the Net-a-Porter operation stage successfully survived.


" has not yet built on the business model of the stars above the clothes." Power said >

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