Tmall Taobao home appliances Sakura fully repaying Ali said its product is fake


Taobao appliance Sakura fully repaying Ali said its products fake

[TechWeb] reported on April 3rd news, Ali announced Sakura repaying all the "wonderflower" brand merchandise in all Tmall Taobao platform, and to provide relevant information to the law enforcement departments in carrying out the line of precision strike. At the same time to remind the majority of consumers, this inferior brand products are still selling in other electronic business platform, must be carefully screened when buying, to prevent deception.

"wonderflower", Chinese translation "Sakura", if consumers are not careful, it is easy to the company from Nanchang appliance trademark mistaken for famous Sakura electrical appliance in japan.

March 15th, President Zhang Jianfeng in a letter to all employees in the internal mail in a solemn statement, "to let the fake find no shelter, let the bad businesses go bankrupt, efforts to enhance the consumer experience".

Alibaba official said, the future will continue to invest more resources, once the sampling was judged as suspected counterfeit institutions, businesses will likely be out of Taobao and Tmall trading platform.

at the beginning of January this year, Ali joint authoritative testing agencies to carry out a time for household appliances industry special mysterious sampling, and locked a number of quality problems of businesses and commodities, the complaint rate is high "wonderflower" brand to become the focus of concern of investigators.

data show that the brand’s gas water heater sampling batches are unqualified, electric water heater, range hood, disinfection cabinets and other products, the failure rate is as high as 76.66%. The failure of the product means that easily lead to security incidents.

at the same time, Ali investigators found that registered in Nanchang, wonderflower, its trademark holders and manufacturers are not the same. Nanchang Sakura Industrial Co. Ltd. as the "wonderflower" commodity holders have trademark ownership to Guangdong Sakura Electrical Appliance Industrial Co., Ltd and licensed to Guangdong creative Co. Ltd., Zhongshan YADU Electric Appliance Co. Ltd. and other 9 companies producing. Currently, Alibaba has the relevant information to the relevant law enforcement departments. (rain)

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