Three stages of network promotion

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network promotion is such, company to recruit a group of network promotion personnel, every day through the chain, classified information of advertising and promotion of their products, then when someone visits your site through these channels, you have to sell their products to users, this is a way to promote our common also, always do a little promotion, because they are not out of the stage of the promotion of products, and they didn’t touch him clearly at what stage should push products or find someone to push the product, the three stage I said today, after I believe you will understand what you should do at what stage things.


first stage: find someone to help you promote

in the Tencent, Baidu, Taobao and other large companies they are impure in SEO or network promotion occupation, because they have their own platform to promote their products, and they have their own fans for the promotion of their products, when WeChat released the APP Tencent to hundreds of media reports to help them this does not include self publicity, media publicity, so they don’t need to have a network promotion and the SEO people.

and our company not their platform, so need to recruit network promotion and SEO related personnel, but we do not should do network promotion, make a simple example: if we target flow is 100 thousand IP per day, according to how long the 10 person to do? Except for a miracle soon, at least half a year, if slow for three or five years are possible, even 3-5 these 10 individuals have not exceeded 100 thousand IP, this time you don’t rely on a miracle, after all, is not a miracle or a miracle happened to anyone.

to break through this point, we should not rely on the power of 10 to do promotion, but on the 100 people, 1000 people to help you, for so many people to help you promotion is a kind of method, but the cost of money and time, after all, hiring 1000 people nor a simple work, culture fans to help you promotion is also a way of money and time can be solved, let 10 people did not develop 20 loyal fans, that is the 200 person to help you in the promotion, if one day, the 10 men released an event in micro-blog or WeChat, reprint people will reach 200.

second phase: find someone to use your product

The premise of

to others to pay for your product is others experience your product, your product will feel good for payment, so we now find the direct payment to you to buy the product, Lei Jun millet in has not done before it has been said that their mobile phone how how, by the fans reprint, media reports, millet mobile phone brand has yet to come in the fire. This is similar to the hammer phone, two years ago, said the old Luo wet phone, do two years, two years after the brand has been a fire phone

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