Square Enix gets Dragon Quest X MMO running on a tablet

first_imgOne of the biggest names in gaming next to Pokemon in Japan is Dragon Quest. But we’re lucky to get just some of the Dragon Quest games ported for release in the west. The Nintendo DS certainly helped and saw a number of the older game re-releases launched, but the last console game we got to play was Dragon Quest VIII for the PS2.Dragon Quest X moved from being an RPG to an MMO, and has seen a release (in Japan) on both the Wii (2012) and Wii U (2013). Will we ever see it in the US and Europe? MMOs aren’t exactly doing great at the moment unless they carry the name World of Warcraft (and even that is faltering) or are free-to-play, so it seems unlikely. Also launching an MMO isn’t cheap, which ups the risk massively, and a 70 minute install doesn’t help, either.There is some hope, though, because Square Enix has teamed up with Japanese telecom company DoCoMo and carried out a conversion of the game for mobile devices. As you can see below, a DoCoMo dtab tablet is being used to connect to a server and play the MMO.Again, it’s just for Japan at the moment as far as I can tell, but launching an MMO for mobile devices is going to be a lot cheaper than targeting the Wii U in the west. There’s also a much larger market over here for playing on such devices (compared to the Wii U installed base at least). So maybe it will give Square Enix the incentive it needs to carry out a translation, and they could also use it to test the company’s new focus on free-to-play.last_img

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