How to enlarge the influence of media on campus website

only have wide audience, and the audience of the media content trust media is the quality of advertising media, webmaster friends to do is two things, let more people know your site and make your users believe that your website.

I believe webmaster friends have a lot of ways to expand the flow, I from two aspects to share with you to enhance the trust of users. Worth the webmaster friends try.

, a campus news, there is news in general is a symbol of authority, reported around the size of things to give users more intimacy, your website will soon be able to get users to trust, how to do news? My opinion is that you can go to school for, in the school there are many literary youth, for their contribution the school magazine and newspaper, the majority is no pay, we can give them 10 dollars a piece, then allow them to multiplecontributions, plus our campus promotion team, a few days to get the school news together posted on the bulletin board, promote a snowball is more do more. The problem of money from advertising costs to solve, as long as the promotion is good, the more advertising costs, the first proposal to invest some of their own, to solve the relationship between chicken and eggs.

two, consumer discount card, according to the situation around it, you can make money to make money, such as selling cards, selling cards face advertising, joining other people’s cards, in short, the early entrepreneurs to understand the integration of resources. My idea is to find dozens of businesses, the school can also be around, I am after each store hundreds of cards sent by them. Card does not make money does not matter much, but thousands of inputs. But the impact is quite large, when using those discount card when the student, every time to see your website, like friends, meet for the first time we are not familiar with, two times three times that of N after the meeting, are generally quite understand and even become intimate friends. The role of a discount card is to create an opportunity to meet many times. Nanchong campus network has done, because there is no free increase caused by failure. Now the card business to our local station below, is re investment.

concluded that the last time a friend asked me about the campus DM, I suggest you not to do DM on campus, the free newspaper is the newspaper DM fatal casualties, the campus market website, the website more flexible. Webmaster friends say is not it?

underline: city consumer discount card new mode of operation are discussed, to provide a new mode of operation of the discount card, my shallow view may cause contention oh?.

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