Learn to suffer pain, tolerate joy: Kaveree’s message to youth at India Today Mind Rocks Guwahati 2017

first_imgWelcome everyoneIt’s such a pleasure to be here in Guwahati with you and all the stars we promised youOver the course of the day we promise to engage you, inspire you, entertain you, educate you and even get you on your feet.But first a little chat.As the millennial generation, we know you’ve had the best of times.Life has never been this good.You don’t need to go to the library, you can just google.You don’t need to go to the movies, you can Netflix.If you need to go anywhere, you don’t need the bus of the train, you can just Uber.And if you really need to find a field to play a sport, you can always buy the new FIFA game.At no point in history have young people had so many choices.But I realise that life is difficult too.Never before in history have things changed so fast either.Just as you get used to one smart phone, another appears.Just as you begin to like one TV series, another fan favourite presents itself.Just as you begin to get the hang of Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram introduce new features.Just as you make up your mind about doing one course, another more interesting one, in a better university, presents itself.Work for someone else, or yourself?Love someone or just be friends?Live with your parents or apart?Marry now or at 30?Vote for BJP or Congress?advertisementWar vs peace?Left vs right?Secularism vs fundamentalism?Protect the cow, or eat it?Listen to the azaan or complain about it?And that’s where I think you need a little help.There are some things your parents’ generation can teach you which haven’t changed.And that’s what I’d like to remind you of:Read a lot, because only then will you know the difference between right and wrong. (and even right and left!).Be kind to everyone, especially to your parents. Remember that will be you twenty years from now.Be patient. Learn to suffer pain, and learn to tolerate joy. If you’ve stumbled, pick yourself up and start over.Ask questions. No one will think you’re dumb if you don’t know something. And remember, you’ll be smarter when you do.Be resilient. Learn from your mistakes, that’s the only way to not repeat them.Learn a skill. It could be anything-cooking for boys, carpentry for girls, You never know when it might help.Have a dream, the more impossible the better. Work for it. Do something that will make a difference to the world.Compete, but only with yourself. Do everything to the best of your ability. Be better than you used to be.Find love, But make sure the person you’re in love with, loves you back. Boys, if they’re saying no, they probably mean it. Stalking works only in the movies.Build your resume, but also build your soul, your character.Admit your weaknesses, learn to live with them, but ensure they don’t hurt other people.More than anything else, be grateful. To God, your parents, your country.There will be some amazing speakers to learn from today-from your chief minister to Sachin Pilot, from Sourav Ganguly to Katrina Kaif, from Papon to Amish Tripathi.Take selfies yes, but take notes too. You never know who will say what to change your life.Watch Video: India Today Mind Rocks 2017: India Today Editor-at-Large Kaveree Bamzai inaugurates the summit ALSO READ | PM Narendra Modi responds to tweets, Rahul Gandhi will act in 3 years: Himanta Biswa Sarma at Mind Rocks Those doing vipassana are messed up: BJP MP Poonam Mahajan’s swipe at sleeping beauty Rahul Gandhilast_img

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