n the Wuhan circle for marketing cases explain local community line

today is to share my local community to promote the line marketing strategy, the following is my own operating Wuhan circle (www.dwhquan.com) experience, not a profound theory, I hope you love and support


a, offline activities

do local site must organize planning activities. I organize activities earlier, I also love to travel outdoors. 06 years I haven’t started the website when relying on group events in 07 years over the weekend, my website forum on the line, was a Wuhan local decoration Forum (which is now the predecessor of Dawu Han circle), I just have a few classmates do decoration, I started with them to organize designer, I he opened a Q group, and then into a lot of local designers and decoration group, and began their campaign. Here to explain, QQ group began to organize activities do not promote the site, until after the group members to meet them again. In September 07, our activities almost every week, or even several times a week, and the membership of the website also spontaneously organized activities, ranging from less than 10 people, more than more than and 100 people, since the forum popularity rising, station atmosphere active, especially viscous, more important is I reserve a number of outstanding designers network resources.

line activities should make flexible use of the local exchange QQ group, and group of the group members, will create an atmosphere, at least to mix a familiar face, let them help you propaganda website and your own website, the effect cannot be mention in the same breath, this is the website of local word-of-mouth charm! A little story: true one day a group of friends home inside a piece of "Yellow Crane Tower 1916" picture, attached below word "smoke, I only smoke in Yellow Crane Tower", I immediately found a piece of "Zippo lighter" pictures, then many group of friends began to talk about 1916 cigarettes, while another out just the 1916 Yellow Crane Tower pictures but, under a net, I only on a large circle of Wuhan ", the original is another PS master! Know group of friends, improve the site effect, the more activity the organization


line activities are local sites, especially interactive community class website promotion marketing focus, need long-term adherence.

two, interacting with local print media

if a media is helping you, the whole media is helping you. The traditional print media is the main channel for the spread of local news and information, they have the most extensive user groups, if sharing resources with them, your site will slowly when the user takes root in heart! At present, our website and chutianjinbao, Changjiang Daily has a good interactive relationship, and they organized interviews, seminars, activities. These are not soft, but not advertising, of course, you have a strong financial resources, you can put in newspapers and magazines and even soft hard advertising.

three, social activities delivery card

such as the local exhibition in Wuhan, the group will be invited to participate in corporate public relations activities, the mother will be the mother of the queen, lectures, performances, daily communication, etc.. This method does not

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