Duang enterprise product variety show marketing strategy is strong

With the development of society and the progress of science and technology,

has become a frequent visitor to our lives. With the expansion of the Internet and electronic data exchange, the traditional marketing is facing a new revolution.

in early 2015, the marketing industry has undergone many changes, cross-border integration, action frequently. But no matter how these forms of marketing changes, its ultimate aim is to prove safety of consumers. The product + variety show win-win situation, it is worth learning what marketing methods and learn from the local


a fan economy

variety film is the core of the actor’s fans, wood fans, the chance of failure to improve the variety film greatly improved. "The Voice of China for you to turn the" failure of one of the reasons is that people really do not have much iron powder, diehard powder and idiotic powder. Our Wang Feng teachers are more concerned about how to help him on the headlines, few really want to see him in the film.

two, "overall copy, local upgrade" product design

in fact, the overall copy, local upgrade is not a variety of movies, unique, many of the industry, the success of the brand, because they follow the truth.

1, mobile phone. Apple is a typical success stories, iPhone4 to iPhone 5 to iPhone5s to iPhone6, basically follow the overall copy, local upgrade concept. Some brands do not change the operating system, it will launch a completely different shape of the product, the outcome is very clear.

2, car. The automobile industry examples more be too numerous to enumerate, almost every brand has its own logo design, launch of each car, follow the "overall copy, local upgrade" principle.

3, variety film. "Variety film" is the same, if not to the "original" and "authentic", structure and plot for core actors, changed the core, basic nobody to look. Because the core group is variety film television viewers, is part of a part of fans, they may even normally are not into the cinema, as Spielberg David Finch or Peter Jackson you, they do not buy it, they think is the column. Where is the father to help my father and this is children, go to travel, you have to work, and the scene is just more dramatic, let it help people to play a "home alone", or the game over.

three, atmosphere marketing, scene resonance

Many people think that "

variety film" crudely made, compared with the time consuming a few months shot out of the point of impact, a day to one. However, many people do not know, variety film is not the product itself, but a scene, a kind of atmosphere.

Coca-Cola’s nickname bottle, bottle, packaging & new lyrics is not selling the product, taste, sell is a kind of social scene. The car does not sell a panoramic sunroof

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