n the history of the most powerful and most perfect WeChat catering industry applications

extra! Pig CMS (pigcms) micro catering v8.0 grand upgrade! No better than using this










The WeChat

CMS for pig food and beverage industry has developed to the eighth version, this version of the WeChat restaurant is no exaggeration to say that is the application of the industry’s most shocking and most down to earth, the most practical. The new version of the restaurant features have the following characteristics:

1, chain store automatic positioning

automatically according to the location of the fans to determine which store closest to their own and achieve walking, driving, bus navigation and other lines

2, greatly improve the operational efficiency of the hotel, saving operating costs

by setting the two-dimensional code for each box and a table, allowing consumers to directly scan the corresponding two-dimensional code to order, no longer need to store printing menus, no longer need to call attendant, but does not require ordering terminal

3, convenient inventory management

in order to prevent the oversold, this version added to the inventory management functions, and can be a key to update the inventory management, convenient

4, table box vacancy management

store with their own mobile phone users can list the vacancy of the hotel inside the box, and can manage the state

5, detailed statistical analysis

can be analyzed in accordance with the time period which dishes are most popular with consumers, to provide the basis for the decision to follow the menu configuration

6, other changes

A, add vegetables function: after ordering dishes can be added at any time

B, box reservation statistics

C, member consumption discount price function

D, when ordering dishes can be added to each note (such as whether to put pepper, etc.), the entire order can also add notes

E, to prevent malicious stand-alone system, whether it is scheduled and on-site ordering have a corresponding strategy to prevent malicious single

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