JCSA holds off challenge to INSPORTS board

first_imgTensions appeared to have calmed somewhat at the government-run sporting agency, the Institute of Sports (INSPORTS), after the Don Anderson-led board was reinstated, virtually en bloc, by the Office of the Prime Minister last month.This move, according to Jamaica Civil Service Association (JCSA) vice -president, Robert Chung, has basically nullified their efforts to have the former board dissolved.However, all parties appear to be satisfied as according to Chung, administrative director Ian Andrews had his signing powers restored and, so far, the board has shown no malice towards him.”The board has been reinstated, and we never got a chance to respond to the reinstatement because we thought that with the elections, it would have been put off.They have made some changes, but the board has been reinstated, and Don Anderson is still the chairman of the board,” Chung told The Gleaner.”What we are not understanding is if this move means hostility to Mr Andrews has ceased. Since the new board has been appointed, there has been no hostility towards him, and we see us getting no mileage out of this by saying the board has been inappropriate, because there is a new board in place,” he explained.He noted that with the board’s reappointment, all their previous plans to have it dissolved have been shelved because there is no case against their operations. However, he said they will watch and see if tensions are still brewing.”If you understand what is happening here now, they have put us in a null position. We can’t complain about a board that is no longer there, and this new board has shown no hostility or done anything towards our member. But, we are waiting to see as, if anything should happen it will happen after election,” Chung pointed out.”But, as far as we know, that (signing power) has been returned, and we don’t think it has been disturbed now that the new board is in place. A few of them (board members) have been replaced, about three, but it’s a huge board, and I don’t know how much that will change what is happening. But Mr Andrews has no complaints.”So we no longer have a claim against the board because the board has changed, and the new board has not shown any hostility towards Mr Andrews.”last_img

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