He is the most poisonous tongue in the history of the 2016 inventory Wang Sicong other investors who

said plagiarism, Wang Sicong in the "show" in the onion bluntly: "I am a great respect for intellectual property rights of the people, extremely hate and despise plagiarism, so in my micro-blog is @ me, as long as I see it in the maintenance of their own intellectual property rights, I will help him forward, it did not know."

as Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin’s son, Wang Sicong returned home on the concern that people are talking about the abroad grew up the son of the richest man in the world of business will be how to all-powerful, did not think he is another way to the Red Net played his popularity.

Zhang Lan, chairman of South Beauty shelling rumors at Jingdong diandaqike, NetEase and Sohu to prosecute violations of their right of name…… Red net Wang Sicong along the way is not afraid of who, more bluntly "trouble" do not know why. By virtue of the "tongue" Wang Sicong harvest micro-blog fans about 20000000, just a word can be boarded the hot search list, become worthy of the name "flow play". We have to check, what are the national husband "Dui" brilliant record in 2016



do not know is not affected by the January 3rd birthday, the first half of a red net Wang happy, in addition to thank the celebrity friends birthday wishes for the panda is at TV, just taking the time to look at "ah Yi hit" event, after all of their gaming circles have always been fascinated by.

June 22nd, ironically Luo Yonghao did not fulfill the promise of


What is the cause of

, a media made a hammer powder sued Luo Yonghao for false advertising case hearing reports, Wang Sicong forwarded and commented: "Luo: feelings enough to automatically unlock bootloader", this comment is not only to eat the lawsuit which Luo Yonghao ridicule, but also pointed out that the hammer mobile phone does exist false propaganda, at least commitment did not provide users with bootloader.

in the evening, Luo Yonghao forwarded Wang Sicong micro-blog, and responded: "I wish the MIPs investment, Wanda Group, panda TV smooth development."


Wang Sicong didn’t pay attention to Luo Yonghao, but in 6 days later issued an article entitled "the 44 year old Luo Yonghao stood in the dock……" the long, public apology: "before a red net forward and irony, although I have no quarrel with them, but could not help but words with a sinister after his family’s business, which expressed disappointment in me some supporters, now think of it or ashamed."

on the matter, and regardless of how Wang Sicong and Luo Yonghao personally (visual, but not good) such a red net Wang blending, forcing the old one after another position, for the development of the case also played a significant role in promoting.

July 4th, Wang Shi < > fill knife

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