Alibaba how to turn Chinese farmers into millionaires

by Taobao start to change the life of yellow bridge

lead: Agence France-Presse website published Thursday entitled "how Alibaba will China farmers into millionaires" (Here’s How Alibaba Turns Chinese Farmers Into Multimillionaires) the article introduces relying on Taobao platform China e-commerce entrepreneurs life.

below is an overview of the article:

in thousands of miles away from Wall Street, the Alibaba group submitted a plan to raise billions of IPO application, Chinese farmers through the electronic business Titans earn wealth after the tractor into a luxurious car.

Huang Jianqiao, who grew up in the poor rural farmers can now open daily work of his black Jaguar, and his wife to go to Paris for a holiday, thanks to their business online bag shop, the shop can earn 30 million yuan per year (480 Wan Meijin), he said: "now we all business on the internet".

he is one of the thousands of Chinese farmers who have changed their lives through a retail platform founded by Alibaba.


group, the leading China e-commerce market, eBay, Amason, paypal and other Western technology combined with the darling of the body, according to analysts say, if the Alibaba listed in the United States at the end of this year, so enthusiastic investors may boost its market value to $200 billion.

Another world conference room

away from the luxury New York board, mountain high carton scattered in Baigou village Huang Jianqiao home warehouse tile, these cartons are waiting to China every country and city.

One of the main assets of

Alibaba which is the rapid development of the electronic commerce website of Taobao — or "treasure", the platform will manufacture the local yellow bridge bags sold tens of thousands of potential consumers China.

Huang Jianqiao said: This is a platform for entrepreneurs, almost zero threshold access, such a platform for many of us.

Baigou, located in the north of Hebei Province, and is Chinese before 20 "Taobao" one of the largest village. Taobao village is defined as: in the rural areas of the Taobao shops, employing at least 10% of the local population, and the annual income of more than $10 million.

this is life

Huang Jianqiao said: "in the past, my economic situation is not good, no house no car. But now I have the ability, I have to take my wife to travel abroad." Added: "this is what Taobao brings to me." Yellow bridge warehouse, many young workers are filling into the leather bag plug, and then put the bags in the plastic.

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