mpetuous P2P industry problems who fly

electricity supplier industry in almost every stage has a theme, early B2B, C2C, B2C, the recent buy, O2O, P2P, each one of the topics represent the different stages of the development of the electricity supplier industry. The electricity supplier has from the pure retail industry across the financial industry category, this year P2P has become the theme of the electricity supplier industry, more exactly the development in the electricity supplier on the basis of financial P2P Internet business has received a lot of attention from the Internet and the financial industry, the electricity supplier. P2P heat continues to heat up.

too many participants have let this emerging industry had the serious negative situation, many under the banner of P2P around the lending company took the opportunity to quanqian, due to artificial or accidental factors such as the lead investor runs to emerge, eventually go to many investors is difficult to end, this was not what the trust but represents the advanced mode the Internet financial industry has brought a heavy blow.

at present, the domestic P2P industry in chaos, many participants, the role of diversity, a number of statistical agencies showed that the number of domestic P2P companies at the end of the year will reach 300~500, so many participants think talent shows itself in the fierce market competition, vicious competition is inevitable, new problems continue to burst so that the industry suffered a serious crisis of confidence. Now on the name, is reliable of the few, including Lu Jin Ping, China Merchants Bank small business e home, a pat on the loan, should the letter, peer-to-peer lending, building blocks box, enabling network is the P2P enterprise number has made a reputation.

P2P industry issues

P2P recently frequent industry issues, the main part of the project due to the first half of this year launched several P2P companies to the repayment period and appear not repayment, leading to the outbreak of investor runs, the butterfly effect produced further if other investors P2P platform is panic and then burst out of the P2P industry scale runs finally, leading the entire industry into a very chaotic situation, industry chaos worse 87.

industry: a vulnerability trap greedy

where there is a lucrative industry into the bluff and deceive, P2P too much with the participants, so that the hot pot is to mix some smelly fish. There are loopholes in the product design part of the P2P platform, and the Platform Builder is making traps to exploit these vulnerabilities, coupled with 20%~30% ultra high return on investment "money" to attract investors admission, the final completion of embezzlement, money run away (think well, I underestimated the ability toward the officer) feat.

industry situation two: removal of the standard mark

because there is no industry standard strictly, to the P2P platform operators very large operation space, in order to attract investors to the demolition of the standard, false tender, seconds mark etc. are frequent, while the problem is these non conventional bidding. In addition, some of the P2P platform will touch investment >

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