The White Stripes Continue Their Battle Against Donald Trump With “Icky Trump” T-Shirt

first_imgThe White Stripes are pissed. Just two days ago, former band members Jack White and Meg White made a rare joint statement to denounce presidential candidate and all-around terrifying human being Donald Trump‘s use of their song “Seven Nation Army” at his campaign rallies. Jack White is a very vocal member of the music community, while Meg White has faded into recluse since they disbanded, so Trump’s use of their song must have really struck a nerve if she was involved in a public statement. The Stripes did not mince words, making their feelings perfectly clear on the matter, as you can see below.Well, the Stripes’ outrage continues, as they have now released an anti-Trump t-shirt for sale on the website for Jack White’s Third Man Records. The shirt says “Icky Trump” on the front, a play on their hit single “Icky Thump”, with a verse of lyrics from the song on the back of the shirt that perfectly matches their anti-Trump sentiment. The verse reads:White Americans? What?Nothing better to do?Why don’t you kick yourself out?You’re an immigrant too.Who’s using who?What should we do?Well, you can’t be a pimpAnd a prostitute too.Pretty powerful and spot on stuff. You can purchase the “Icky Trump” t-shirt for $25 at this link.last_img read more

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